Take this seed, this root
Wake this drowsy moon
Breathe your life straight into me
I’ll stir from this cocoon,

A whispered name betrayed its colours to me
Cast a spell beneath the hangman’s tree
And murmured faintly of life to be
Curse this womb, curse it!

This gallows tale, breeds a soulless love
A stygian myth, one I’m fearful of
Whose bonds constrain this flesh and blood
Lord above

"Nimm diesen samen, diese wurtzel,
Wecke diesen schläfrigen mond"

A stranger came from another world
Embracing sane, unholy love
A child, a diamond in the rough
Obsessed with things unspoken of

Oh, leave a trail for me to see
For she who came to me in a dream
With words on fire in silent scream

Music: Chris Brown
Lyrics: Chris Brown