Home, late at night
You came by, I said your name.
Low, just a child, you replied
Brushed aside the bloodstain.

Salt on your tongue, my tongue would divine.
The storm blew away your awkward smile.
An emotional, sad goodbye and you were on your way
And the words I had wanted to say
But couldn’t say

Gwendolyn, what have you done?
Oh, oh, oh

Nobody heard, nobody saw over the holiday
A house tumbled down, someone cleaned up the place
Took all his things away
And nobody came to pray.
I’ve not seen you since that day
...since that day.

Nine years in May, a town far away
I’d been waiting a while
A girl contemplating, half-smiled
And I knew that you’d lied
'Cause the fear in your eyes
As you faded to grey
Gave you away

Gwendolyn, what have you done?
If you’d only told me
You were reaching out to someone
Oh, oh, oh

Music: Chris Brown
Lyrics: Chris Brown