I wake beside you in the middle of the night
I wrap my arms around your waist and hold you tight
Thank every broken road for bringing me to you
And right now I love you true.

I don't know, maybe it's something
In the order of the words she writes
The things she says
How she puts them in another way
Turns them all around, all upside-down
She’ll end a line with something
Something that’s that's, well, fine
It doesn't rhyme...
...’til the next line

She takes my breath
With her veiled simplicity and tangled clarity
At the same time
Oh she’s not trying to deceive
But that’s what she achieves
If I think too hard about it
It creeps up on me, ‘til I can’t see
For the clouds that hang before me

This time you’ve got her measure
For once you know the score
She leads you by the hand, and says
"I can show you more"
You've got to travel with her
You've been there once before
Then she hits you with the killer
Your heart’s crashing through the floor
She's turned you…
inside out

Railway lines, run through my country
Took me to the borderline, to the sea
And in my head your song
Felt like you were
Singing just for me
Just for me

Music: Chris Brown
Lyrics: Chris Brown, Andrew Scott

True excerpt lyrics: Corinne Lucy