Magic Smile

I’ve not seen you in a while
How I’ve missed that magic smile
How it so lit up my life for so long

Those ties were bound so tight
But they come undone at night
And I can’t tell between what’s right and wrong

Something took you over in a hurry
I don’t know
Broke your defences, stole all my senses, made you go

I’m working on a change to make a break
Searching for a way to ease the ache
Hoping there’s a way because I loved you so

Man of steel or some other metal, I don’t know
When you were something, you were something gold
But that melts too low

Friends will ask, “How’re you doing?”
I say “I’m good, you know?” then I’m ruined
Until you’ve been there you don’t really know

What to say, easier to lie
Maybe I’ll curl up and die
And that’s not the right answer, I know
But I miss you so

Music: Chris Brown
Lyrics: Chris Brown