Old unruly master
Why do you do this?
Through windows and through curtains call
On us

By your motions our seasons run
Are you shameless, won’t you chide
Late schoolboys and apprentice?
Tell the huntsmen the king will ride

Call the country folk to harvest
Love no season knows, nor clime
Or hours, days, these months are
The rags of time

A beam so strong so reverend,
Don’t you think?
I won’t lose her sight so long
I’d eclipse and cloud them with a wink

Ask the kings you saw yesterday
Ask them where their riches lie
Ask them and you’ll hear them say
Here beside me til I die

And if her eyes they have not left you blind
Look tomorrow late and tell me,
Are both Indias of spice and mine
Where you left them
Or do they lie here with me?

She's all states and princes, I
Nothing else is
Honours imitate wealth’s alchemy
Princes only play compared to this

Half as happy as we are
A world confined here in this space
You are old and you need to rest
To warm the world only in this place

Shine here to us, concentrate
I recognise you all the time
In this sphere where you operate
This bed on which you shine, shine, shine

Music: Chris Brown
Lyrics: Chris Brown