Where to begin?
On the head of a pin?
In the faint breath of winter
The scent of her lingers
In plain symmetry
Once you’ve seen then you cannot unsee
In your mind, painted blind
You may find Cupid and then,
As may she,
And you will see
What will be

Touch her pale skin,
Feel the walls moving in
As he drowns in her eyes so the fool justifies, knows he’s wise
While the sage just asks where to begin
In the glare of beauty rare
You were there
Stayed too long at the fair,
Missed the call
Couldn’t find the wherewithal
‘Tis one thing to be tempted
Another to fall

A second skin, paper thin
Now the sleight's torn asunder
Traps the light
Though her plight
Keeps her from going under
In the night there’s no flame burning bright

Music: Chris Brown
Lyrics: Chris Brown