Trade Winds

And in your place, just empty space
I closed the blinds, looked at the time
Pictured your face next to mine
Turned on the news just like every day
Placed two bowls upon a tray
And it came to me, I just need one today

It’s taking time to get used to this
The days go by so slow
And the cracks between what’s wrong and right
Get ever close
This much I know

Some things I’ll miss, some I couldn’t stand
Some things unknown but longed for still
A voice that sounds in a distant land
I swore I gave all your things away
But as I looked through all my books
It came to me some should have stayed

For at least a while, for at least a day
'Til things had started to heal
Now the cracks between what’s wrong and right
May never seal
This much I feel

These trade winds sing their soft refrain
But at this height it’s so cold
And dogs will howl all through the night
Unless I go
This much I know
I know

Music: Chris Brown
Lyrics: Chris Brown